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The  Premier Concrete Washout System


The JADAIRTM  Redi-WashTM  Washout System is the PREMIER, closed loop, concrete washout system. It has proven itself far superior to standard reclaiming units in speed, capabilities, and cleanliness. Unlike traditional reclamation-only units, the  Redi-WashTM Washout System does it better... without ponds or washout pits, and without filter presses. (Check out the testimonial below). 

The Redi-WashTM  Washout System provides concrete reclamation and water-handling within the machine. It recycles all surface water and external washoff water within the unit. Quickly and easily. It helps both concrete quality and mixer utilization. The savings from reclaimed material can be significant but he savings from faster turnarounds that only JADAIRTM equipment can provide, can be even greater! The JADAIRTM  Redi-WashTM  Washout System gets your trucks washed out quickly and back under the plant delivering more concrete, every day. It also clarifies the wash water internally so you don't have to worry about ponds and pits making a mess of your plant.

Contact JADAIRTM today for a cost savings estimator to see how much you can save adding to your bottom line, by using a JADAIRTM  Redi-WashTM Washout System.


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Fast Mixer Washout With A Redi-Wash Washout System



Reclaimed Sand And Aggregate From The Redi-Wash Washout System
We should have done this 10 years ago! Customer Production Supervisor

Save Money

  • Recover Lost Loads
  • Deliver the same amount of concrete with fewer drivers.
  • Fast Washout - Typically 5-6 Minutes
  • No need to "slowly meter" the material in. 8 yds in 4 minutes.
  • Keep Trucks Close To The Plant. No Long Distance Drives.
  • Simple to use: take on water, washout, and go!
  • Keep An Eye On Drivers

Save Space

  • No Ponds Or Pond Mess
  • Keep Your Plant Neat, Clean, and Compact
  • The Machine Can Be Moved To Another Location

Save Water

  • No Expensive Water Thrown In A Pond - Water Is Recycled Within The Machine.
  • No more losing water to Pond Seepage or Evaporation

Improve Environmental Compliance

  • Cleaner and safer for the environment
  • Satisfy the DNR and the EPA
  • Mess-free

The more you use the JADAIRTM  Redi-WashTM  Washout System, the more money it saves you!

How Does Redi-Wash™ Concrete Washout Work?

  1. The truck drives up to the machine
  2. Drivers take on clarified water.
  3. Drum rotation mixes the water with leftover concrete cleaning the drum in the process.
  4. The driver discharges the mix into the Redi-WashTM Washout System. No need to "dribble" the material in - JUST DUMP IT!
  5. The driver heads back to the plant for another load! That Fast!
  6. The sand and aggregate are then washed and removed from the machine by the reclaimer stage. They can be optionally screened.
  7. The dirty water travels to the clarifier stage of the Redi-WashTM Washout system, is clarified, and then reused for future washouts!
  8. A true closed loop washout system! Compact, clean, and environmentally concious.

The system can take 8 cubic yards in four minutes.



We manufacture the best concrete washout systems available. CEO of Jadair
Concrete Washout Systems





Recovering cement that is easy to handle is part of the JADAIRTM  Redi-WashTM  Washout System.

Cement solids that are dry and easy to handle are one of the many benefits of a JADAIRTM  Redi-WashTM  Washout System.

  • NO filter presses needed or used
  • NO daily startup or shutdown procedure
  • Solids density is fully adjustable
  • System runs automatically
Reclaimed Used Cement From A Jadair Redi-Wash Washout System

Reclaimed Cement Solids From A Jadair Redi-Wash Washout System (video below)






Reclaimed Mixed Sand And Aggregate From Redi-Wash Washout System Reclaimer


Mixed Reclaimed Material From a JADAIRTM  Redi-WashTM Washout System

Fast washouts and quick truck turn arounds are standard with a JADAIRTM  Redi-WashTM  Washout System.

  • Discharging your mixer washout material should be fast. With a JADAIRTM  Redi-WashTM  Washout System washouts can be done at an unequalled pace.
  • No need to dribble it in. Put in your wash water, dump, and go!
  • The system can take 8 yds3 in four minutes or less!
  • Driver time and truck time are expensive. Save both by having a washout system that will get your drivers back under the plant quickly. The time savings add up with quickly and so does the savings on reclaimed material.
  • With a JADAIRTM  Redi-WashTM Washout System all this is accomplished without ponds! Saving you space and eliminating mess!
  • With units in use for over 20 years, longity and a fast ROI are hallmarks of the JADAIRTM  Redi-WashTM Washout System. It saves money daily, and keeps doing it for years to come!





Reclaimed And Screened Sand And Aggregate From Redi-Wash Washout System Reclaimer


Screened, Reclaimed Material From a JADAIRTM  Redi-WashTM Washout System




The JADAIRTM  Redi-WashTM  Washout System can be customized for your plant. The system can be configured for side and rear dump concrete trucks as well as other application types. Several standard options give you the flexibility to get what you need to make your operation more efficient.


Options add value to your JADAIRTM  Redi-WashTM  Washout System. Some of the most common options are shown below.

Belt Conveyor Stacking Reclaimed Sand And Aggregate
Optional belt conveyor for stacking material
in front of the machine.



Shaker Screen Separting Sand And Aggregate

Optional shaker screen to separate sand and aggregate.


Loader dumping Yard Waste Into Redi-Wash System


Optional side chute makes yard clean up easy.


The advantages of the JADAIRTM Redi-WashTM Washout System are its ability to:

  • Provide fast washouts in one stop with powerful reclaiming.
  • Quickly recover both sand and stone while at the same time clarifying and recycling washout water in a closed loop system.
  • Do it all in one location with one compact unit.

These advantages make the JADAIRTM Redi-WashTM Washout System a key part of any ready-mix operation. Saving time and money.


Here's basically how it works. The truck is backed up to the machine. The driver takes on clarified water. Drum rotation mixes the water for a minute or two with whatever concrete is left over. The driver then discharges into the Redi-WashTM Washout System. There is no need to "slowly meter" the material in - just dump it.  In fact, the system is designed to do it in four minutes or less.

The sand and stone are separated from the cement and are then discharged from the machine. All of the sand and stone is recovered. Sand is NOT washed out of the aggregate! Fiber additives are not a problem. Spent cement is then discharged separately and can be handled easily by a loader as a dry, clay-like product.


The JADAIRTM  Redi-WashTM System makes a powerful statement in the reclaiming story. No water/cement ever touches the ground. No need for settling ponds. Easily handleable, re-useable byproducts. Higher profits and cost savings for the buyer; cleaner and safer for the environment.



The Bottom Line: With A JADAIRTM  Redi-WashTM Washout System You Have:

  • No Ponds Or Pond Mess
  • Save Water. Water Is Not Discharged Into A Pond Truck Washout Water Is Recycled Within The Machine And Re-Used Over and Over Again. Water Losses Seen With Ponds Operations Are Virtually Eliminated
  • Satisfy The EPA, The DNR, and The CEO.
  • Fast Washout And Turn Around Times For Trucks. Typically 5 Minutes. Keep Revenue In Your Pocket.
  • The Ability To Reclaim All Your Sand and Aggregate On Site, At The Machine, Ready For Resale. No Hauling To A Separate Location. No Crushing Or Secondary Processing Costs.
  • Powerful Reclaiming And Water Clarification All In A Rugged, Compact Package.
  • The Ability To Keep Your Plant Neat, Clean, and Compact.
  • A Portable Solution. For Mobile Plants, The Machine Be Easily Moved To Another Site.


No Pond Can Make Those Claims. No Other System Can Match Them.


Most people love to learn about opportunities where everybody wins. And that's exactly what happens with a JADAIRTM Redi-WashTM Washout System.




Frank G.

As an industry, we are all faced with obstacles put before us by Government Agency Regulations. Companies are struggling with water and air pollution. Most of us have had wash out pits where concrete mixer trucks would discharge returned concrete and wash out the barrels with water from wells or their local utility water source. All costly operations that waste a lot of water.

We operate 26 mixer trucks, they were all washing out in the washout pit resulting in having to excavate the pit twice a month. Also, the washout pit would occasionally overflow during heavy rainstorms making a mess of the yard.

We decided to minimize the loss of water and the expense of excavating the washout pit. We decided to install a Jadair Redi-Wash Washout System.

The system recycles the wash out water used by the trucks. We purchase water from the local water utility so wasting water is costly. The Redi-Wash separates the aggregates from the cements. The aggregates are stockpiled and sold to some of our construction customers. The water is continually reused, and the cements are sent to a recycle facility. Excavation of the washout pit was eliminated.

The cost of excavating, trucking and recycling tipping fees were in the thousands of dollars per month. With the Redi Wash it is in the hundreds. A tremendous savings.

There is also a savings from mixer driver time as the driver no longer needs to load up with water at the plant then drive over to the washout pit and sometimes do the process twice. Now, the driver simply backs up to the Redi Wash, pushes a button to put water in the Mixer Barrel and then discharges the washout into the Redi-Wash without ever moving the truck. A seven or ten-minute process replaces the twenty-minute process of the wash out pit.

The end result is the Mixer Truck is available for additional deliveries due to the washout time saved. The excavator cost is eliminated. The carting costs of the excavated material from the washout pit are eliminated. The dump fees from the recycle facility are reduced by 90 percent. And the reclaimed aggregates from the Redi Wash can be used to process new concrete or sold as Dense Graded Aggregate to customers. An all-round win.




Fast Mixer Washouts Save TIme And Money. Washout Management - By Jadair.

"Shocked" -- Fast Washout 8 Yards In: 2 Min 30 Sec. Only With a JADAIR REDI-WASH® Washout System

Reclaimed Concrete Sand And Aggregate Cleaned Out From In Front of A JADAIR REDI-WASH® Washout System

Dry Cement Solids Removed From In Front Of A JADAIR REDI-WASH® Washout System

Recovered Dry Cement Solids From A JADAIR REDI-WASH® Washout System

JADAIR REDI-WASH® Washout System In Action

JADAIR REDI-WASH® Washout System Startup Commissioning Test Run Interview-Full

Customer States That He Needs More Space For All Of The Sand And Aggregate From His Reclaimed Concrete Thanks To His JADAIR REDI-WASH® Washout System

An Interview With A JADAIR REDI-WASH® Washout System Owner

An Interview With Another Satisfied Jadair International Inc. Customer




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JADAIRTM Concrete Washout Solutions provide concrete producers with ways to save time, space, and material resources. The concrete industry produces a large quantity of waste material. That material that can be reclaimed quickly and easily with a JADAIRTM Redi-Claim Reclaiming System or JADAIRTM Redi-Wash Washout System.

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JADAIRTM Water clarifying and solids recycling and recovery solutions provide compact, powerful, and efficient water treatment for processing of mined materials with NO ponds. JADAIRTM systems return clarified water to your operation all day, every day, while producing solids that are easy to handle with a loader.

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Conserving water and ensuring that crops are properly harvested and cleaned is vital. JADAIRTM systems can clarify wash water and reclaim it for re-use. Our water clarification systems can also be applied to other processes such as manure separation and more

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