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Concrete Reclaimers vs. Washout Systems

Reclaimers Vs. Washout Systems

Concrete washouts should be quick, easy and get drivers back on the fast. That’s what every producer wants. JADAIRTM Redi-ClaimTM Reclaiming Systems (click here) and Redi-WashTM Washout Systems (click here) both provide compact, heavy-duty reclaiming solutions that efficiently and effectively handle your washout needs.

JADAIRTM manufactures both the Redi-ClaimTM Reclaiming System and Redi-WashTM Washout System to meet the unique needs of the concrete industry. What is the difference you may ask. Let’s dig into that below.

The Jadair Redi-Claimâ„¢ Reclaiming System

For many concrete operations, settling ponds are still standard practice.

If you use a dedicated settling or retention pond for your concrete washouts, JADAIR'sTM Redi-Claim™ Reclaiming System provides unequaled performance as a sand and aggregate reclaiming solution. It is not just a standard reclaimer. The JADAIRTM Redi-Claim™ Reclaiming System provides the fastest, most effective reclaiming process available. Get your washouts done faster and your reclaimed material cleaner than ever before.

The Redi-Claim™ Reclaiming System separates the aggregates from the cement. The aggregates are stockpiled. The water is quickly and safely directed to whatever settling pond or retention basin you already have set up.

Our Redi-Claim™ Reclaiming Systems are rugged, powerful, and fast. They are designed to handle your concrete washouts quickly and get your drivers back on the road in mere minutes.

JADAIR'sTM Redi-Claim™ reclaimers will help you:

  • Save time-with the quickest washouts available
  • Clean and reclaim materials for re-use
  • Clean up the yard-reduce the footprint required by your current pond setup
  • Reduce costs-less frequent pond cleanouts because the material is being reclaimed, not put into your pond!

The Jadair Redi-Washâ„¢ Washout System- Reclaiming and Water Clarification Combined

JADAIR’s unique Redi-Wash™ Washout System has all the benefits of our Redi-Claim™ Reclaiming System plus the added benefit of built-in water clarification! It combines power, speed, performance, and water clarification to deliver superior washout results.

Our Redi-Wash™ washout system is the only washout system in the world that powerfully handles your concrete reclamation needs and your water recycling needs in one self-contained, closed-loop unit, without requiring any retention ponds or settling basins. A singular, innovative engineering achievement that has transformed the concrete washout industry.

The Redi-Wash™ Washout System separates the aggregates from the cement. The aggregates are stockpiled. The water is directed into a separate area of the machine where it is clarified and re-used for washouts. The cement and fiber are settled out and brought out as a thickened product. This is typically stockpiled in front of the machine. for one to two days. At that point, it is moved by loader and used in various ways including as a compaction aid in road base or mixing in with crushed concrete. This material is not a slurry, but a thick paste. It is much easier to deal with and not messy like the slurry that comes out of a pond!

The Jadair Redi-Wash™ Washout System eliminates ponds once and for all. No need to excavate and line a washout pit. No more ripped liners, no more pond cleaning, and no more loaders waist-deep in slurry.

The Redi-Wash™ Washout System will also help clean up your yard and keep it clean helping make the DNR, the EPA, and the CEO happy all at thte same time! Contact us today to learn more about how this powerful system can help you and your operation!

A Jadair™ Redi-Wash™ Washout System

Reclaimer vs. Washout Systems Review

Both Redi-Claim™ Reclaiming System and the Redi-Wash™ Washout System will recover 100% of the sand and aggregate from concrete washouts while saving time, with the fastest washouts available, and space.

  • The Redi-Claim™ Reclaiming System then sends the cementitious water to your existing settling ponds to be clarified.
  • The Redi-Wash™ Washout System does all that the Redi-Claim™ Reclaiming System does but keeps and processes the water in the machine itself. The added benefits are:
  • Clarifying the water within the machine itself for a true closed-loop system. No ponds.
  • Recovering the cement in an easier to handle form than achieved with settling ponds

Saves additional space. All the benefits of the Jadair Redi-Wash™ Washout System are accomplished in one compact, space-saving package. No ponds needed

Your Reclaiming Partner

For more than a half-century, JADAIRTM has supplied rugged, high-performing, high-quality washout, and water clarification equipment to the most demanding industries.

Our equipment is expertly engineered, masterfully manufactured, and rigidly tested to ensure it meets or exceeds specifications.

Our team works closely with you to integrate our equipment into your operation creating a solution that makes you more efficient and more effective.

Using reclaiming and washout equipment from JADAIRTM will save you time, money, and enhance your profitability. Contact us now to learn more. JADAIRTM has the experience and expertise to make the difference in your business.



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JADAIRTM Concrete Washout Solutions provide concrete producers with ways to save time, space, and material resources. The concrete industry produces a large quantity of waste material. That material that can be reclaimed quickly and easily with a JADAIRTM Redi-Claim Reclaiming System or JADAIRTM Redi-Wash Washout System.

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JADAIRTM Water clarifying and solids recycling and recovery solutions provide compact, powerful, and efficient water treatment for processing of mined materials with NO ponds. JADAIRTM systems return clarified water to your operation all day, every day, while producing solids that are easy to handle with a loader.

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Conserving water and ensuring that crops are properly harvested and cleaned is vital. JADAIRTM systems can clarify wash water and reclaim it for re-use. Our water clarification systems can also be applied to other processes such as manure separation and more

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