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JADAIR Settler/Clarifier

Settling ponds have long been the accepted method of handling dirty water. But with this method, despite its expense, water quality is not assured; water leakage and evaporation can be significant (even enough to run out of water completely); both short- and long-term consequences to the land are enormous; drag lines are very expensive to operate and maintain, they're slow to bail out and they're underutilized (doing the wrong job and sitting unused for hours while the ponds can't be cleaned), and; the mud from the ponds is sloppy and next to impossible to handle!

The JADAIR Settler/Clarifier is a whole new way of looking at water clarification. It puts an end to settling ponds and provides both a continous supply of clarified water to assure steady production and thick solids that can be handled like solids!

Here's how it works. Water and solids are separated by gravity sedimentation, enhanced by a proprietary polymer flocculation method. Suspended solids are allowed to settle on the Settler/Clarifier floor. There, the solids pile up, compact, and the water is squeezed out. The solids are so thick, they can be automatically (by computer control) scooped or scraped from within by special conveyor paddles (the system is designed to handle a wide range of solids' sizes -- from 80 mesh to the smallest silts or clays). The solids containment area in front of each module is large enough to handle two days' accumulation. The solids themselves are so dry, they can even be piled up with a front-end loader or hauled away in trucks. They are so easy to handle, in fact, that a major effort has been to develop markets for their sale, including use as landfill cover and remineralization. Here's an opportunity for you to sell your byproduct!

What does all this mean? The JADAIR Settler/Clarifier assures water clarity, is good to the environment, saves money, is an investment in a long-term solution, allows for marketable, easy to handle solids, is profitable, is a true closed-loop system, and dramatically reduces water consumption.

The industry should know about an opportunity where everybody wins. And that's exactly what happens with the JADAIR Settler/Clarifier.

David Schmutzler, President Jadair International Inc.

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