Jadair International Inc.

Port Washington,   Wisconsin, U.S.A.



Concrete Industries

Only JADAIR tm can provide the correctly configured system for any size operation and a variety of final objectives. We have a complete line of equipment. With your input, we will evaluate what's needed for your plant. There's no one answer for every company. We have 30 years of design expertise and a variety of machines to create your solution.

Ready-mix concrete industry reclaimers
and washout systems

On the following page is a quick visual comparison between reclaimers, which are prevalent in the market today, and no pond washout systems.

Concrete pipe and pre-cast concrete products

Reclaim sand, stone and cement and recycle all water.

JADAIR, REDI-WASH and REDI-CLAIM are registered trademarks of Jadair International, Inc.

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