Jadair International Inc.

Port Washington,   Wisconsin, U.S.A.



JADAIR Settler/Clarifier

Recover clarified water and superb solids with no settling ponds. Make-up water is slashed to astounding minimums. It's all accomplished in a compact package.
  The dirty water influent to the JADAIR Settler/Clarifier receives an articulate polymer treatment conditioning prior to entering the large volume of water in the clarification section of the module. Clarified water is discharged ready for immediate reuse. No ponds or additional treatment are needed.
  The JADAIR Settler/Clarifier discharges such thick solids that the only way to remove them from the unit is by its paddle conveyor system. Most of the remaining water in the solids drains rapidly, after they're discharged, without further treatment.
  The JADAIR Settler/Clarifier can recycle 50 to 11,000 gallons per minute, or more, and is applicable anywhere there is inorganic particulate matter in the water which needs to be removed.
Applications' Technology Assistance Provided

Based on many years of experience, the Jadair design team will integrate the water clarification units into your process. Recommendations for the use of additives to enhance solids' separation and compaction will be made. They will provide supporting systems' design such as pumps, tankage, piping for the total water control and operational methodology.
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