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Jadair Water Treatment Polymers And Polymer Systems














In addition to our Settler/Clarifier Systems, JADAIRTM  designs and manufactures polymer preparation systems (sometimes called polymer make down systems), as well as polymer storage, and injection systems. We also provide the polymers (chemicals) that are used with them. Jadair polymer systems come in various forms and sizes and can be used as stand alone systems or in conjunction with a JADAIRTM SETTLER/CLARIFIER System

JADAIRTM polymers and polymer systems can improve the water clarification process and reduce costs significantly vs. existing systems. We have replaced other manufacturers' polymers at numerous installations leading to an improved customer experience and reduced costs for our customers, sometimes in excess of 50%.

The correct polymer and polymer preparation system can have a significant impact on any operation where polymer is used and can improve the water clarification process where polymers are not currently being used. Polymers, including powdered and emulsion type flocculants and coagulants, aid in water clarification. They are widely used in many industries including:


  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Potable Water Treatment
  • Food
  • Paper Products Industry
  • Agriculture
  • Mining (Sand, Frac Sand, Aggregate, Placer Gold, Others)
  • Automotive
  • Many Others



Polymers cause flocculation of the solids in the water which then allows the solids in the water settle to the bottom. This effectively causes a liquid and solids separation. When done correctly, polymer selection, preparation, and application can result in, clear water, good solids quality, and appropriate chemical usage. When done incorrectly, these processes can lead to poor water quality and/or poor solids quality, as well as excessive chemical usage. This can cost money and time on the part of the user.


Some polymer vendors fail in system design, application, or fail to find the polymer that is really best for the job. At JADAIRTM our polymer selection process ensures optimum results and our system are designs batch the polymer properly giving you the best reaction possible while delivering the lowest polymer usage possible.


With our extensive knowledge and experience JADAIRTM can supply the right polymer and polymer preparation system for your job. We work directly with multiple polymer manufacturers to find the best polymer for your application.


JADAIRTM also provides water testing and evaluation services to determine the best polymer for each site. This water testing (also known as jar testing) ensures optimum water quality and performance for all water clarification systems. Our polymers and polymer systems can even be used at sites that use settling ponds by keeping the water cleaner and making the settled solids much easier to handle


 JADAIRTM polymer preparation and storage systems as well as polymers, provide superior results that are a critical part of your water clarification process. We can help you determine the best polymer and polymer system for your application. Contact us now to learn more.



Powdered And Emulsion Polymer Example


An Example of a powdered type polymer (Left) and an emulsion type polymer (Right). Both types of polymer can work well in a given application, however powdered polymers are a more cost effective solution in the long run due to the higher percentage of active ingredients.



A quality polymer, properly applied, can clarify water quickly and efficiently.


Properly Applied Jadair Polymer Clarifying Water At An Aggregate Wash Plant




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