Jadair International Inc.

Port Washington,   Wisconsin, U.S.A.




  JADAIR has the only washout system unit in the world, which will handle all the water recycling and concrete reclamation needs in one self-contained, closed-loop system.
  A mixer washout can take less than 4 minutes. Yes, it will accept 8 cubic yards that quickly.

  There is essentially unlimited clarified water for washouts and yard clean up.
  Because the JADAIR REDI-WASH unit is a closed-loop system, it will require absolutely no ponds or settling basins. It can be located in a building, as is typically done in cold climates.
  All the sand as well as the stone is washed and reclaimed for reuse. Reclaimed material gradation is basically the same as it was in the concrete.
 Recovered stone is discharged from the single deck screen (right). Old cement material is discharged into the cement clay containment bin (left).
 All old cement clay is recovered in solid form ready for use.
  Ready-mix companies are washing out mixers far more frequently than they used to which has created more waste concrete, more old cement and a requirement for more washout water. Most of all, it adds up to more expense!
  Quick washouts between loads, without concern about water or mess, significantly improve truck mixer utilization. There won't be any hesitancy to washout when it is the smart thing to do. Those mixers are the expensive part of the business, keep them delivering concrete, not driving around getting rid of it!

  Lately, environmental issues are attracting the most attention. For example, dusty yards are usually the aftermath of a messy washout/reclamation set-up.

Significant cost reduction is still the "prime reason"
for investing in REDI-WASH equipment.

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