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Operational Summary

The Jadair REDI-WASH System has proven to be far superior to reclaimers. Unlike traditional reclamation-only units, the REDI-WASH System does it much better ... and without ponds. It provides concrete reclamation and water-handling within the machine. It recycles all surface water, external washoff water and acid wash water so fast and mess free, you can use it continuously all day long. That helps both concrete quality and mixer utilization.

Another advantage to the REDI-WASH System is its ability to recover both sand and stone. Cement and fiber additives are put into suspension in the water, leaving the sand and stone behind. This is scooped out by the paddles. By floating cement away, 100% of the sand and stone is recovered. Sand is NOT washed out of the aggregate! Fiber additives are not a problem. Spent cement is handled easily as a dry, clay-like, marketable product.

Here's basically how it works. The truck is backed up to the machine. The driver takes on about 45 seconds of clarified water. Drum rotation mixes the water for a minute or two with whatever concrete is left over. The driver then discharges into the REDI-WASH System. There is no need to "slowly meter" the material in - just dump it. In fact, the system is designed to do it all in four minutes or less.

The Jadair REDI-WASH System makes a powerful statement in the reclaiming story. No water/cement ever touches the ground. No need for settling ponds. Easily handleable, re-useable byproducts. Higher profits and cost savings for the buyer; cleaner, safer land for the environment.

The industry should know about an opportunity where everybody wins. And that's exactly what happens with our REDI-WASH System.

David Schmutzler, President Jadair Inc.

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