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Water Clarification - Dimensional Stone

Dimensional stone is used to create many beautiful household items. Because of its durability and appearance, dimensional stone has a wide variety of structural, architectural, and decorative applications. Some applications are countertops, tiles, and beautiful fireplaces. More than 2.6 million tons of dimensional stone was sold or used by U.S. producers in 2020.

At JADAIR International, we design, develop and deliver high-quality water clarification systems that quickly reclaim water from dimensional stone cutting and help keep any size facility clean and operating efficiently.

JADAIR’s water clarification systems can help:


  • Ensure water clarity
  • Keep plant plumbing clean
  • Provide easy to handle solids
  • Reduce water consumption
  • Provide a unique, closed-loop system
  • Save valuable time and money

JADAIR Water Clarification Systems

No matter what industry you’re in, water clarification can be a challenge. Settling ponds have long been the accepted method of handling dirty water. But this method is expensive, inefficient, and often not effective.

JADAIR’s Settler/Clarifier provides a unique, innovative water clarification solution. Our system:

  • Puts an end to settling ponds
  • Provides both a continuous supply of clarified water to ensure steady production and thick solids that are easy to handle

How does water clarification work for a dimensional stone operation?

In JADAIR Settler/Clarifier systems, water and solids are separated using our proprietary polymer flocculation method. This method enhances the water and solids separation process. The system can handle a wide range of solids, from course material to the smallest silts or clays.

Clarified water is returned to the plant for re-use and thick solids are discharged from the machine. These solids are too thick to be put in a pipe. They have to be handled with a loader. The containment area holding the solids is typically large enough to handle two or more days' accumulation. The solids are then moved by front-end loader to a stockpile or and hauled away in trucks. The discharged solids can, in some locations, be sold for use in landscaping, soil demineralization, and other applications.

Providing the benefits you want

JADAIR’s Settler/Clarifier systems provide the performance you need for the most demanding dimensional stone water clarification applications.

Powerful. JADAIRTM Settler/Clarifier systems can be handled anywhere between 10 and 12,000 gallons per minute.

Low water usage. Water lost to ground seepage and evaporation is reduced or eliminated. This saves money daily and helps protect the environment.

Low electrical power usage. The system’s efficient design keeps power usage extremely low. Power savings add up hour by hour and day after day. If needed, JADAIR’s Settler/Clarifier system can be run from a generator.

Low maintenance. Our settler/clarifying systems are tough, durable, and extremely reliable. That reliability means less downtime greater profitability for you.

Ease of operation. Once set up for a plant's operation, our Settler/Clarifier system needs little interaction. It pretty much takes care of itself.

Mobile. Our Settler/Clarifier can be installed on a permanent or temporary basis. The system can be moved easily if needed.

Your Water Clarifying Partner

JADAIR has nearly five decades of design expertise and can supply a variety of systems to handle all your dimensional stone-cutting water clarification needs. We work closely with you to evaluate what's needed for your operation and configure the ideal water clarifying solution for your installation.

Our equipment is expertly engineered, masterfully manufactured, and rigidly tested to ensure it meets and exceeds your exacting specifications.

Using water clarification equipment from JADAIR will save you time and money and increase profitability.

JADAIR has the experience and expertise to make a difference in your business.

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